Premium Boostvue in anodized aluminium and access to early features! Low price to help us get started and to say thank you! 




4x 10 bar medical grade temperature compensated pression transducers providing fast and accurate pressure readings for, Coolant pressure, Manifold pressure, Exhaust to cold side back pressure delta, oil pressure, Pre and after intercooler delta, All within a stainless steel bulkhead, to provide unrivaled and tidy engine bay to cabin protection no pressurised air or fluids entering the cabin for safety.


Powerfull dual-core processor with wifi & Bluetooth compatibility, fully utilized EPROM storage so when you isolate power all your settings are remembered.


Bright and high contrast and clarity display for use in real world applications where sunlight may be a factor furthermore, if the environment is cold the display has been specifically selected for its cold operation performance whereas most other LCD type displays become slow to react and sometimes outright fail or depend on heaters! Ours just works hot or cold! (prolonged use in direct sunlight is unadvised)


Superefficient internal power supply can operate from 5v all the way to 34v! (typically advised is 12v or 24v)


What you get:


1x Boostvue display

1X Boostvue 4x transducer moule 

2m of 3mm od microbore tube

Arriving soon! Boostvue manifold air density add on modal 

Also included is discounted price to our soon to be announced Boostvue wideband modal or Boostvue stand alone wideband gauge same design as Boost gauge

Please be aware as an early bird buyer although we have spent a year optimizing the firmware you may still find bugs please report these to our support email and we will get back to you promptly and thanks to our easy to use OTA update feature get you back up and running in no time!

Earlybird Boostvue

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Microbore push fitting type
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