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You're driving style

There are four modes, First being standard automatic mode followed by sport auto mode with faster and firmer shifts for getting you to the track/strip, from their things get interesting we have a full manual mode and drag mode where it only shifts upwards at predetermined RPMs/loads for the fastest possible times there is no loss of torque transmission as the clutches overlap precisely, helping to preserve the rest of your driveline from shock loading this also applies for launches. 

Can it take the heat?

All of our carefully selected components are temperature rated, to handle being within the transmission and actively cooled vs our competition, that typically installs a crude loom that comes out of the top of the transmission, which can lead to interference causing other issues and worse case, money shifting your engine! On top of this all our completed conversions endure 12 hrs in heat soak @ 90°C for reassurance prior to delivery. 

Can even run on a carb! 

One annoying thing about our competition is they typically require you to have an ECU, heck even loses a whole load of notable features if you don't have CAN-Bus. That's where we are different... if you want throttle blip on a to downshift we have you covered!  CAN-Bus or mechanical or using gpio alternatively you can purchase our blip module what typically goes between your throttle body and manifold, as for rpm we have an optoisolated multi-voltage input from even a distributor! Or just ECU output for no:1 cylinder or tach output.


This controller has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot for configuration, Without needing any cables and apps or software, just connect to its hotspot and config your settings as you please, In real-time!

Dual-core processor 

Utilising a powerful dual-core processor, we can rapidly and accurately monitor sensor inputs for the fastest and safest shift possible while monitoring the environment for intelligent preselection, naturally leading to the fastest shifts possible! Not merely based on assumptions like our competition!

Yet more features

If you are running a setup with AWD similar to the R32,33,34, GTR we can even control the torque split (Yes, we do have a full gtr drop-in kit, available soon!). Supersimple wiring, with a wide voltage tolerance you can use overdriven alternators with no worries!
Simple paddle wiring and mode selector only five wires into the cabin!

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