Unlimited rotation

We have identified a gap in the aftermarket wheel market quite literally, it seems the norm solution for aftermarket wheels to use phone cords, as a means to get signals from the wheel to the rest of the car's systems. this is where we endeavoured to find a solution... and we couldn't so, we developed one, without breaking the bank.  

Can it stand the test of time?

All of our carefully selected components are lab tested for endurance and chosen from reputable suppliers, also for extra reassurance we decided to make it triple-redundant! there are 3x per channel individually suspended ballpoint contacts, each rated at  25,000 km travel. this slip ring should stand the test of time! 

Fully universal fitment 

This slip ring can be fitted to any 70mm hub adaptor to provide 7 2A capable circuits, to any wheel install, made especially easy with industry proven Fischer connector, industry-proven by our oil and gas sector clients.


This slip ring has been tested to IP 66 standards for water and dust ingress, to provide a long-lasting product also the whole thing is made from either stainless steel or anodized aluminium.

Options to suit my build? 

From from custom amount of contacts, all the way to integrating quick disconnect we have you covered, that's the benefit of our small approachable business model, we are true engineers we don't have problems only solutions.

When can I get one?


Currently, Motoslip is undergoing testing and final tweaks, as per all of our products, we don't need to please the banks... when it is proven it will be for sale, we estimate first quarter 2021

if you would like to become a beta tester please get in contact 

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