Finest Materials

Billet hard-anodized aluminium enclosure and stainless steel transducer body, for a long-lasting product in all challenging environments, marine and. Automotive.

High precision 


Automatic barometric & temperature corrected ten bar, medical-grade sensors for true reliability combined with 16 bit ADC for resolution without the need of filtering inputs like our competition, what you see is what's happening, to the millisecond!  

Speed with clarity

With a 1.5-inch colour IPS display, daylight viewing is a pleasure, coupled with the lightning-fast refresh rate nothing will be missed, even at -40°C whereas most LCD's start to inevitably fail, at these challenging temperatures.


History is important too. 

With the automatically scaling histogram, you can see what boost level you were at a few seconds ago!  

Furthermore, we are proactively working on full data logs accessible from the server, this will be a firmware update away. 

No buttons!

This puppy runs a feature-rich web server for accessing selectable units Bar, Psi, Kpa, also themes both stock and customisable. Seamless over the air updates and calibration algorithms, with a sleek user experience! Which means when we develop more, you will get more even after the initial sale!

Ultra-rugged electronics

For those who typically run a tiny battery, no worries this thing only draws 40 milliamps!  

Everything is overrated utilising intensive temperature and vibration testing, Every unit will invariably spend 12hrs in heat soak prior to shipping.  

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