How we started


We started with a simple ambition to get into the automotive performance market with no compromises & an ethos that anything can be done.

Why choose us?


We are small & independent, we own all of our assets so we are able to turn around improvements quickly in house.

We are driven to provide what we want in our cars, we just want more people to enjoy the ride!

What is our end goal

Our main goal is to continue to develop and distribute quality products as a relatively small establishment, enabling rapid updates to product always wanting to step up our game, without jumping over hurdles.

“As a beta tester from the beginning, I was genuinely surprised at the rapid development of this product, initial bugs fixed promptly.”

Mr. M Rowe

“Initially, i was sceptical that this would meaningfully improve my understanding of my intercooler efficiency, and I am blow away how affectively it showed the delta between in and out and how much flow i was loosing.”

Mr. K Stuart

“Absolute pleasure talking to Chris about my application, specifically altering firmware to suite my unusual use of the traducers you would certainly not get this support from larger oems!”

Mr. I Garcia

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